I recently saw this very disturbing video that showed how destructive and inhumane our current marine life had become due to sea pollution, the most common and widely known being plastic contamination

AJ+ recently posted a video that made me wonder how deep does pollution go in the ocean? And the answer given was to the bottom and the pollution being: plastic. Maybe it’s me and my sensitivity to water signs, but I don’t think I would like to bathe in tiny plastic debris or eat it so why do our sea creatures have to? And this has been the case for so long yet we refuse acknowledge and do something about it. As Alan Jamison says 

Theirs this idea that very deep, very remote environments are safe, their pristine, their out of sight, out of mind but here we are and we can find man made contaminants inside the stomach of an amphipod.

– Jamison A, AJ+, Polluntants in the Ocean. 

In terms of our health and environment, you do not need to look any further to know that our human footprint and activity has caused this. Man made contaminants such as PCB’s can only be found in industrial activity. And it has found its way to our oceans and sea animals, killing them and killing us in the process. Our climate and marine life is changing for the worse. I know this can seem morbid sometimes and people don’t feel comfortable dealing with it. Some of us enjoy our Evian water or our plastic covered lettuces. However, it’s not protecting us anymore, it’s dangerous and harmful and just imagine all of us swimming in that filth.. Not nice. 

Culturally, this way of life has caused some issues also. And in various countries. For example, Chadd Onali Pashain from Na Kalan wa’a Senior Caption from Hawaii explains how they have this saying which is to care for something, to cherish our Earth. It symbolises a home on this earth, a place that is sacred and deserves cherishment. This way of life is disturbed by the high levels of waste and pollution so instead of a fresh and clean way of life, we are intoxicating it instead. Now isn’t that just the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? 

This is defiently a HumanRoots issue, our footprint is causing dangerous effects to our ecosystem and this doesn’t resonate very well with me. It makes me sad but as the same time very motivated to try and help because I know dwelling will not change anything. Staying positive in times of hardships, my intuition is telling me to do something about this and I am lucky enough to put this out and figure out ways to help. 

Here a breakdown of the issues we have today when it comes ocean pollution. 

  • Plastic debris 
  • Toxic waste 
  • Giant garbage patches 
  • Harmful fishing practice (sometimes illegal) 

Water is so important to us. It’s what we drink, it’s what we wash ourselves with, it’s in the food we eat, in the drinks we drink, in the clothes we wash with, it’s everything. Let’s take a look a little bit wider. It’s the showers and baths we take, it’s the swimming pool we swim in, it’s the beach holiday of our local coastlines or it’s the beach holidays we like to take abroad to places like Hawaii, Spain, Bali, France, Panama, Greece, Puerto Rico, Thailand, India and so many more resorts and relaxation destinations we have (or I hope we all have) been to at some point in our lives. It what we feed our children, 80% of our body is made up of water. I think that if we all looked at this as a simple issue, we would all have simple ways of dealing with this and the sooner we do, the sooner we can clean up after ourselves like nice little human beings we all are. 

In my mind, the answer is simple: stop using plastic. It’s just not worth it. So I am going to do the scariest but kind of the easiest thing.

 30 day no plastic challenge! And I really really want as many of us to do it together so we can stand up for our oceans and show them some good summer loving! The task is simple. Can I actually go 30 days without intentionally buying anything plastic? 

Enough of the negative vibes, I want us to bring awareness and realise that we don’t need plastic to survive – we need our oceans, our health, our happiness and our dreams. And enough of me complaining about our ocean pollution situation, I want to share with you and remind ourselves why we need our oceans clean and salty and how does the sea bring us value! 

Some key benefits of being near the ocean and how how the ocean helps us to: 

  1. R e l a x / The sounds of the waves and the patterns allow our mind to relax and be more calm by also producing wave like brain patterns. 
  2. S l e e p / after a day out by the sea, the sea air charged with healthy negative ions that help us absorb oxygen more and helps us snooze better. 
  3. H a p p i e r / furthermore, salt water also keeps chemicals such as seratonin in the brain, which is linked to good moods and makes us feel happier and in good spirits! 

So starting from today, I am going plastic free and I’m going to keep an open mind about this and see where it takes me. I’ve never done anything like this before but I am very excited. And I really would like you guys to also try it too. Tailor this to your situation. Maybe you already have plastic stuff but that’s okay, it’s just to get us to contemplate and start thinking abut alternative methods of products without the use of plastic! Can’t wait to see all your results! 

Have a lovely day guys!



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