V i s u a l s 

My current feeling of needed to paint has taken over. In this day and age, days off are not what they seem. Work has over loaded us to a point where our once desires and dreams start to fade away into the distance with no memory or feeling. 

I had this feeling and decided enough was enough. How can you live knowing that inside you, you are not happy. I went back to the drawing board and started to paint again.  Random at first and then the connections start to build up in your mind. I saw shapes in building that hold the most precious of memories. 

They hold the most precious of memories. A gift to myself – images play with my thoughts so all I can break them down to is shapes and compositions. I’m not entirely sure what to make of them yet. All I know for sure if that when I paint, I feel a sense of calmess like nothing else. It feels like home. I wonder what to do with them sometimes – maybe make something out of it. But for now this is good and this is me and I wish I explore more of how this can be used to help me build a better environment. 


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