F i d g e t  t o y s 

A fleeting trend or a calming tool?

One of the newest crazes in our young people here in the uk has been the fidget toys, spinner, blades or whatever you want to call them. Now banned from classes, I wondered why this has caught so many of our attentions – not just for the young but for adults too.

W h a t

A r e

T h e y ?

A fidget spinner, as you can see in the above image, is a hand sized wheel of three all connected the centre circle. Once it’s balanced in one or two fingers you can use your other hand to rotate the spinner causing a rippling spinnin effect.

E f f e c t s

Much like a stress ball or other fidget toys, these spinners are used to alleviate stress and anxiety and to help calm the mind down and to regain focus. But they can also be distracting to others, espically in a class room. Unlike other fidget relievers, spinners look more mesmerising and thus can create a lot of attention in class situations.

It may also come as a surprise to many adults and new generations, but spinners and fidget item have been around for some time. So the real question is why now have they become to popular? Why do we need that constant sense of calmness to enjoy doing tasks?

I guess, they look mesmerizing when spun. They can take us away from distractions. For a moment, its just you and the spinner? Or do you like the sound. I have to admit, the sound of spinners are my favourite part of the whole experience. To experience anything fully, I guess we need to break down even further the elements of the spinner and how they are connected to our minds.


Spinners are fun. And then are slightly addictive. Much like you would click pens when thinking, do we want to spin and think? I’m not sure what the overall conclusion to this is, but I enjoy the idea of where  it might take us.


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