One of the most interesting and stimulating architectural designs I have seen is the Nature observatory of Monsanto, Lisbon. Created by Andrea Sicilliani, the designs consists of five carefully curated spaces within a park, created to subtly reconnect ourselves with nature through appealing to our five senses.

To really engage ourselves with these designs, he has also included images that have structural components alongside wonder lust paintings.

Here is the description –

The project for the Nature Observatory of Monsanto in the city of Lisbon is based on the recovery of the ancestral relationship between human and nature. This recovery is carried out through 5 pavillons, each one triggering one of the 5 senses in order to feel the nature.
A timeless observatory as a scenario of explorations and interactions is placed in a commun and constantly changing space. The landscape and the architecture become a vehicle for new discoveries.
TOUCH. Two simple walls generate an interior space seen as a corridor where the path is invaded by nature.
SIGHT. A tower opened on three different levels. Firstly, the interaction between man and nature. Secondly, the natural life over the treetops. Thirdly, the landscape intended as a set of natural environments and a place where man lives and carries outs his actions.
HEARING. A circular fence. The wall of this environment create a space of deep concentration excluding the unnecessary noise by preserving the essence of the nature: its sound.
SMELL. Two Spaces. Firstly, a fence that isolates the space from its context, where nature is smelt. Secondly, the greenhouse which extracts this smell from nature.
TASTE. An orange garden. Central point of the entire project, where human and nature meet each other by planting, raising and feeding.


Andrea Siciliani, Mathias Lefebvre · Nature Obsevatory of Monsanto

Highly recommend checking it out!

References –



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