Sustainability : Design for the Future.

The future of Design is at stake. Our lack of consideration for the planet has forced me re-think the rewards of our home. Our Earth need pioneers and sustainable thinkers in order to create and execute visions of the future. Not just sustainability, humanity also needs ethical and conscious designs in order to globally manifest environmental and social change. I want to design for this future of our Earth and for Humanity.

Sensorial Design :  Objects with Meaning.

As technology advances and our material knowledge expands, my interests in sensorial designs are more than mere objects, but rather objects that contain meaning and transcend beyond materialism. I continue to search for purposeful design exemplifying warm minimalism and function.

Homeware/Interior : Spaces

Our homes means more to me than just a house. A place filled with imagination, vision and interiors that obtain magical identities. They surround us with deep fulfillment. Not just a home, but the people who you spend time with. My passion to create objects for a space or a home act as a gesture of kindess and thought. They provide function and harmony within ourselves and others. I will continue to design spaces for the mind and body. To help find a sense of peace and tranquil in this modern world.  To retreat within ourselves.



My name is Fatima Islam and I am currently living in London, UK. Graduating the University of Leeds in BA Textile Design (plus Industry Year), this journal is an exploration of thoughts and muses towards design, sustainability and home ware objects. As you can see in my Manifesto, my work explores purposeful designs created to enhance our senses alongside our environment. I explore many various topics and reviews that range from mindfulness to fidget toys – all aimed to understand the mind and body in more details.


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